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Notice: 18 April 2019


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Sustainability Report

Employment Equity

Delta’s recruitment and selection process supports the promotion of accelerated opportunities to previously disadvantaged groups of South Africans. In-line with planned improvements in gender mix, the introduction of women into operational roles progressed well during the year.

Skills development and Training

Human capital investment through the successful launch of the management development programmes and continued focus on Adult Basic Education Training remains a high priority. Seventeen students were placed on ABET level 2 skills development.

Bursary Awards

Delta continues to invest in South Africa’s skills development drive by granting bursaries to employee dependants to further their careers in the field of maths, science and business studies. This bursary scheme was aligned to the needs of business and industry and made available to a greater number of learners.

Learnership Training

Delta offers practical training to students whose fields of study require them to undergo industry related training. This is an excellent example of a win-win relationship between a business and the surrounding community with the students receiving valuable experience and the company benefiting from their academic training. This initiative has been extremely successful and will continue to be pursued in the coming years, especially in the chemical engineering, environmental and analytical chemistry fields.

Occupational Health and Safety


An injury prevention programme was initiated and a number of safety improvements implemented to reduce the number of safety related injuries to employees and contractors. A decrease in the LTIFR to 0,82 in 2010 compared to an LTIFR of 0,97 in 2009 was recorded and medical treatment cases decreased by 40%. Delta continues an Injury prevention programme and the target is to have an injury free workplace.

Improvement Initiatives

  • Intensified hazard recognition and awareness training of employees working in potential risk areas;
  • Learning from incidents programme;
  • Contractor SHE compliance improvement; and
  • Auditing.


Delta employees and their families participated in a health and family welfare day which was a family fun day with a health awareness theme. Many of the employees and families volunteered for various medical tests in an attempt to foster awareness of healthy lifestyles and general health concepts. Health improvement initiates continue and these include:

  • Health risks assessments;
  • Dust mitigation; and
  • Health awareness campaigns such as HIV/AIDS.


Delta’s goal is excellence in environmental management. Our value system is aligned to the belief that it is unacceptable to harm the environment through any of our activities or those carried out on our behalf.


Delta minimises its impact on the environment by treating its solid residue and producing a by-product called “Greenfill” that has been approved by the Department of Environmental Affairs for road building. During 2010, 85% of our solid waste was deployed for the construction of nine roads. Additional markets for the co-product continue to be researched to manage this outlet in a sustainable manner.

Product Stewardship

As signatories to Responsible Care® and in line with its commitment to prevent harm to the environment, Delta has set itself a goal of zero distribution incidents. Unfortunately one incident was reported during which product was spilled on a regional road, however, response was immediate and suitable clean-up operations and rehabilitation of the area was done swiftly. Delta will continue to work closely with its hauliers in order to improve their safety, health and environmental performance.

Employee Involvement

Focus on the environment in other areas took place when thirty trees were planted by long service employees to project their vision of a sustainable business for the future and to do their part in combating global warming.

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